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Do we know our users?

While the resource materials themselves cannot be shared as they are proprietary, my findings included a written report as my final artifact.

Abstract. Relias strives to remain competitive by prioritizing user-centered design in ongoing UX projects. To better understand our customers' needs and create products they enjoy, we conducted a literature review prior to initiating a new study. This review allowed us to streamline open-ended questions and identify gaps in learner profiles for further i

Can we alleviate the pain points?

The Usability testing identified some concerns in the prototypes. Based on the results of the findings, the UX Designer was able to make some adjustments to the prototypes. Round Two of research with the amended prototypes commenced with participants from our user population.

Can we alleviate the pain points--the answer was yes, but with a little more work. Round Two of the research was conducted with platform customers who lended even more insights about their workflow and expectations. Work w

What are the real concerns?

This research was conducted to understand reporting needs across our Company. Primary and secondary research was performed to understand the platform, user concerns, and a path forward. Research uncovered three primary needs: faster response to queries, new reports/functionality, and additional resources for self-help.

From December 2022 to March 2023, eleven employeess lended their experience and acumen to participate in this study. The Relians included (1) Technical Trainer, (2) Data Analysts

Can we increase sales for this product?

By conducting five interviews, UXR found that competency evaluations are largely decentralized and most users are dissatisfied with their current processes and options for providing evaluations.

Organizations who are completing competency evaluations are facing the following challenges:
• Competency Evaluations are decentralized and several methods and systems can be used within the same organization.
• Prevalent tools include paper and pencil. Ease of use and mobility are the drivers behind th