About Me

I am Angela Battle, and I am a UX Researcher.

I started years ago with all-natural ingredients:


Compassion and


My goal has always been to make systems and processes easier for users to navigate.

Why is this work important to me?

This work holds great importance for me as I am, first and foremost, a consumer of various products and services. I always feel delighted when a service or a piece of equipment functions exactly as intended, allowing me to complete tasks or achieve goals without hassle. However, I have also experienced scenarios where services, processes, or equipment have fallen short, resulting in an unpleasant experience. I have strength in identifying gaps in processes. My career choices have allowed me to assist other users in finding their happy paths. Therefore, I have always aimed to make systems and processes easier for users to navigate, reduce frustration, and improve the user experience.

Prior to my foray into UX Research, I spent many years as a Technical Trainer.  I worked directly with end users to accomplish the same overarching goal as UX Researchers: to understand how our customers need to use our products and work with my various internal teams to communicate those needs. The parallels made the career transition easy for me.

My Learning

Given my unusual path to UX and Research, I have taken several courses to enhance my skills in UX and Research. These courses have played a crucial role in supplementing my work performance and have enabled me to become a better researcher. As a dedicated lifelong learner, I always strive to acquire new knowledge and skills that help me grow in my career. Beside are some of the courses that I have recently completed or am currently undertaking:

Course List

UX Designer: Coursera (currently enrolled)
Designing the Learner's Journey Linkedin  Jan 2024
Learning Design Thinking Linkedin  Jan 2024
Learning Data Analytics Foundations Linkedin  Jan 2024
UX Deep Dive: Foundational Research Linkedin  Jan 2024
UX Foundations: Content Strategy Linkedin Jan 2024
UX Foundations: Research Linkedin Jan 2024
UX Foundations: Usability Testing Linkedin Jan 2024
Introduction to Web Accessibility Alison LMS Jan 2024
Introduction to Ethnography Alison LMS Jan 2024

How do I measure success?

My measure of success in my career is not what I think of myself, but rather based on what others think of me.

Testimonials - UX Research

Recognized for "Thirst For Learning"

"Welcome to the B2B pod! Thank you for jumping right in and always wanting to learn more."

- J Spencer

Recognized for "Thirst for Learning"

"Congratulations on finishing your first solo project! Your drive to constantly learn and never be afraid to ask questions is a huge driver of your success. Great work! "

J Spencer

Recognized for "Passion for our Mission"
Angela, thank you so much for being such an invaluable member of the team. You've provided so much support, asked all the right questions, made obscure connections between aspects of the platform, and seem to be in every meeting I find myself in, no matter the product line. You've always got a great attitude and a pep in your step, and are very friendly and welcoming. Thank you for being such a helpful, approachable, and hard-working member of our team" 

I Potter-Smith

Recognized for "Thirst for Learning"

Thanks for jumping in and taking advantage of the journey mapping session presented by UXRS!"

N Warren

Testimonials - Technical Training

"Angela was a real benefit to our team, She always found a way to be helpful and had a wealth of knowledge she brought to our team. I'm glad to have worked with her".

-B Dessalet

"Angela I wanted to pass along a note from one of our customers, Stallion Oilfield Services. They were very impressed with the recent ELD training you provided to them, from your wealth of knowledge, delivery and professionalism. We are grateful at TOGS to have you as a resource - thank you.

M Gentile

"Angela I know it has been a rocky start with KLX but because of YOU and YOUR dedication to our customers, we are truly winning! Thank you for all of your hard work.

M Banghart

"For maintaining a high level of professionalism and candor during a phone call with a very unhappy customer. You went above and beyond making sure the customer issues were heard and the correct course of action was taken. Thank you for taking care of this customer.

J Yeakey

“Success is a science; if you have the conditions, you get the result.”

Oscar Wilde